We personify a culture of passion, commitment, and excellence

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At Symbiotix, we believe in an environment that is invigorating, thought‑provoking, and action-oriented. Our talented team is our lifeblood and a living expression of the growth mindset we seek to foster every day in every interaction with our clients, with HCPs and patients, and with one another. It’s a thriving environment that is dynamic and purposeful.

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Our values and beliefs guide our agency culture

We strive to Bring Excellence in everything that we do and earnestly desire to inspire behavior change. At the heart of our agency lies a set of values that drive our decisions, elevate our engagements and bring clarity to complex situations, allowing us to respond consistently and powerfully. These values are our north star!







Using our energy and ideas to inspire and challenge each other is essential if we are to make a meaningful difference for our clients and their customers.

We energize ourselves and demonstrate our vitality to our clients by ensuring “freshness” is at the core of everything we do.

Rejecting mediocrity and demanding real solutions that go beyond the obvious is key to being the best partners with our clients and with one another.

We support risk-taking, even if this sometimes results in missteps because these are opportunities to learn together and grow even more adept at what we do.

Asking questions rather than accepting that things “just are” offers us the freedom to venture into the unknown and probe for an “ah-ha” moment.

Curiosity is our opportunity to dream and explore new horizons. It invites creative thinking and invites us to dream of what’s possible rather than be stuck in neutral.

Celebrating different perspectives and diversity enables us to actively and constructively engage with others to build unified, cohesive teams... in both our agency and our multi-agency teams.

We know our individual strengths make us better and stronger together, giving us the change to learn, evolve, and flourish personally as well as organizationally.

Communicating with both clients and colleagues is essential to building trust, and both the team and the work depend on our ability to clearly and openly share knowledge and ideas.

We believe communication is our product as well as how we engage with our clients and each other to ensure value and drive excellence, both internally and externally.

Executing with precision, quality, and personal accountability enables us to deliver our best every time, both as individuals and as teams.

We own our efforts and our role in the outcome and demanding quality without excess; we are personally responsible for our teams’ success and hold one another accountable to the highest standards.

Elevating our scientific communications reach through a global network

Symbiotix is the premier medical communications organization within the global Havas Health Network.

Since joining Havas Health & You in 2015, our clients have benefited from:

  • Our enhanced access to cutting-edge technology and innovation

  • Our ability to gather insights rapidly and identify global thought leaders

This partnership expands our resources, empowering and enhancing our unique deliverables to create seamless impact for our clients.